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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCPE)


Computer engineering combines electrical engineering and computer science. It is about the interface between machines (hardware) and computers (software). Electrical engineers and computer engineers do both things, but computer engineers are more involved with software than electrical engineers. Computer engineers design and maintain hardware and software in computer-based systems, from PCs to supercomputers, as well as computer systems that are embedded in vehicles, appliances and communication networks. Specialized areas within computer engineering include system architecture, computer chip design, layout design, package/board design and system integration.

BSCpE Degree Program

Taking courses in the BSCPE degree program is organized into two phases. The first two years are the ECE Base. The ECE Base provides fundamental skills in math, science, and electrical engineering. In addition, all students take 42 semester hours of core curriculum designed to provide a strong liberal arts education essential in an educated person.

In the last two years of the BSCpE degree plan, students specialize in Computer Engineering, including a mix of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science courses.

All students in the BSCpE program must submit a Degree Plan for Computer Engineering prior to enrolling in their first Computer Engineering Elective. The student will then be assigned a Faculty Advisor in the Computer Engineering area.  Following the initial advising session with the Faculty Advisor, the student may proceed to enroll in Elective courses.

Please refer to the curriculum flowcharts for further details.