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Undergraduate Program — General Information

Undergrad Life at the Cullen College of Engineering

Want to see for yourself what undergraduate life is like at the Cullen College of Engineering? We asked three Cullen College undergrads to film their lives... watch the video!

Want the quick facts on why you should consider earning your bachelor’s degree at the UH Cullen College of Engineering? Here’s our short list!

  • UH SkylineLocation, location, location! The University of Houston is well-positioned in the “Energy Capital of the World.” The university’s proximity to the world’s largest medical center, NASA, the Port of Houston and numerous Fortune 500 companies make it an ideal place to begin a career in electrical and computer engineering.
  • More bang for your buck! Career opportunities for electrical and computer engineers are excellent — especially in the city of Houston. A 2013 salary survey produced by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that electrical engineering graduates earn an average starting salary of $63,400, and computer engineering graduates earn an average starting salary of $71,700. However, engineering salaries in Houston are generally 30 percent higher than the national average, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2012.
  • studentConnections, connections, connections! The ECE Department of the UH Cullen College of Engineering prides itself on connecting its students with research, scholarships, internships, fellowships and local industry as soon as they step foot inside of the building on the first day of college. Through the ECE department’s “First Year Experience,” freshmen engage in hands-on, project-based activities while studying topics in electronics and computer engineering even in the very first semester. These courses foster a deeper learning and increased engagement among students. This not only gives our undergraduates an edge in deciding which career path is right for them — it guarantees that by the time they graduate with a bachelor’s degree they will have had hours of hands-on, real-world experience in electrical and computer engineering.
  • The college experience! There are tons of practical (and smart) reasons to choose the Cullen College for your undergraduate degree, but there are plenty of fun reasons as well. There’s always something exciting happening on campus. There are engineering student organizations of every kind to choose from. There are robots playing soccer in our classrooms, paraplegics controlling robotic legs using only their thoughts, students building small satellite antennas for NASA, annual Chili Cook-Offs, robotics competitions, dances, parties and…well, lots and lots fun!