Industry Advisory Board — Bridge the Gap Between Industry Needs and University Curriculum

Table of Contents

  1. Input from Scott Grayson, Associate Director of IEEE USA, on several panels organized by IEEE to identify skills gaps
    1. Summary report of IEEE Employment and Career Services Committee on the results from symposia held at several US universities
  2. Insight from Chris Brantley, Managing Director of IEEE USA, on industry needs
    1. Growing mismatch between graduate skills, market needs, Alya Mishra, University World News, 07 February 2014 Issue No:306
    2. Aligning Engineering Education and Experience to Meet the Needs of Industry and Society, Rick Stephens, Summer issue of The NAE Bridge on Undergraduate Engineering Education, 43(2) 2013
    3. NAE Reforming Engineering Education, 36(2) 2006 articles Preparing Engineering Faculty as Educators, A Call for K-16 Engineering Education, Reforming Engineering Education (Editorial), The 'Value-Added' Approach to Engineering Education, An Industry Perspective, The Changing Face of Engineering Education, Educating Engineers for 2020 and Beyond, Redefining Engineering Disciplines for the Twenty-First Century
    4. The Engineer of 2020: Visions of Engineering in the New Century, NAE Press, 2004
    5. TUEE (Transforming Engineering Education) Phase I: Synthesizing and Integrating Industry Perspectives, May 9-10, 2013 Workshop Report, Arlington, VA, Hosted by the American Society for Engineering Education
    6. Government of the Netherlands report on Entrepreneurship as a Gap
    7. Industry-University collaboration for curriculum design as a solution: WSJ article (requires a subscription to access)
    8. Industry-University collaboration for curriculum design as a solution: opensiuc article
    9. 5 Things Industry Can Do to Help Educate Better Engineers, Lueny Morell, Director, Engineering Education Innovation, Open Innovation Office, HP Labs,
      2008/ASEE GCEE Conference Oct-2008
    10. Gaps in the Computer Science Curriculum: An Exploratory Study of Industry Professionals, Chris B. Simmons, Department of Computer Science, University of Memphis and Lakisha L. Simmons, School of Business Administration, University of Mississippi
  3. Additional links referred from IEEE
    1. BRIDGING the Skills Gap, Help Wanted, Skills Lacking: Why the Mismatch in Today’s Economy?, 2012 by the American Society for Training & Development
    2. 'Why IT Works' Rhode Island IT Skills Gap Study, Tech Collective Releases Rhode Island Information Technology Skills Gap Report (2013)
    3. A Better Measure of Skills Gaps, Utilizing ACT Skill Profile and Assessment Data for Strategic Skill Research, ACT Report 2011
  4. Article referred by Collabratec: Well-prepared in Their Own Eyes, Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, January 20, 2015
  5. Summary of electronics industry trends taken from IEEE archives, acquired by IAB Chair Doug Verret
  6. American Institute of Physics' report on skills and knowledge used by physics majors working in the private sector in engineering, computer science or information technology