Industry Advisory Board

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To bring together leaders in industry, government and academia with UH Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty and students in order to enhance the overall academic and research experience of UH ECE students and to aid the ECE Department in achieving its mission to educate the next-generation of global, world-class engineers.

Message from the Chairman, Doug Verret

To students...

On behalf of the ECE Department Industry Advisory Board it is with pleasure that I cordially invite you make use of this website to establish contact with me and the other Board Members.  You are the cornerstone of UH community life and are in the process of laying the foundation for both what you and  the University will be in the decades to come.  You clearly play a vital role, one which the Board values and wants to nurture.  There are many ways Board Members can help, be it for career counseling, course selection, technical advice, project consulting, mentoring, prospects for internships and job openings to simply lending an ear and being your cheerleader.  Lastly, we think that we can learn from you and look forward to a free and open sharing of ideas and to sharing experiences which we firmly believe will be of benefit to you, to us and to the University.

To faculty...

I also wish to extend an invitation to the faculty of the ECE Department to engage with Board Members in any way that you feel that industry experience can benefit your courses and the way students experience academic life through you.  We are motivated to help you and we expect to benefit from our interactions with you as well.  We believe that an open dialog along with an active partnership will be a boon to the University.



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