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Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Len Trombetta
Office: W324 Engineering Building 2
Phone: 713-743-4400

Advising Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Undergraduate Advisor

Amanda Zabaneh
Office: N308 Engineering Building 1
Phone: 713-743-5153

azabaneh [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu

Advising Hours

Students will schedule advising appointments through Navigate.

General Advising Information



How Do I Register for Classes

Prerequisites are enforced in this department. Make sure you always consult your programmed flowchart for these enforced prerequisites.


Curriculum Flowcharts

In general, students must follow the degree plan and flowchart in effect at the time they were admitted to the department. A student may choose to follow a later degree plan, but not an earlier one .

For more information, the student should check with his or her academic advisor, peruse the ECE Department FAQ or the Computer Engineering FAQ pages, or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Fall 2019

    Electrical and Computer Engineering (PDF)

Fall 2016

  • Electrical Engineering (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)

Fall 2015

  • Electrical Engineering (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)

Fall 2014

  • Electrical Engineering (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)
Planning Courses

The ECE Base shown in the first two years of the flowchart are normally taught both Fall and Spring. However, there are some courses in the 3rd and 4th years that are taught only once per year. Using the Expected Course Offerings page (see link below) can best assist in planning a few semesters ahead. 


ECE 5397 Course Offerings

Information about ECE 5397 courses being offered but not listed in the current catalog can be found here. It is important to include section numbers when searching for these courses, as they will all be titled ECE 5397 -- Selected Topics.  Section numbers are subject to change and will be advertised as they become available.  You can find out when these courses are being offered by checking our expected course offerings.  For more information about the course content and prerequisite requirements, click on the course name of your choice. 

Special Topic Offerings - Spring 2021

  • Neurohumanities - Contact Jose Vidal-Contreras for details (jlcontr2 [at] Central [dot] uh [dot] edu)
  • Computer Vision & Machine Learning - Contact Hien Nguyen for details (hvnguy35 [at] Central [dot] uh [dot] edu)
  • Intro to Cybersecurity - Contact Miao Pan for details (mpan2 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu)
  • Hardware Verification - Contact Hung (Harry) Le for detail (harry [dot] q [dot] le [at] gmail [dot] com)

How Can I Choose a Concentration?

In the last two years of the EE degree plan, students must choose one of six Concentration Areas. All students in the EE program must submit a signed Degree Plan Form by visiting with their concentration advisor prior to enrolling in their first Concentration Elective. Once the degree plan has been signed, the form will need to be returned to the front desk in N308. 

If you want advice choosing a concentration area, SAC Advising Week is where you want to be! The Student Advising Committee (SAC) hosts this event every semester to connect students with faculty and industry representatives. You will be notified with dates and important information via email and newsletter for the semester's upcoming SAC Advising Week. 

Degree Plan Forms
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