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Advising Info

Undergradua​te Advisor

Dr. Len Trombetta
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: N308 Engineering Building 1
Phone: 713-743-4400

Undergraduate Advising Assistant

Cecily Smith
Office: N308 Engineering Building 1
Phone: 713-743-4440
E-mail: casmit20 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu

Advising Hours:
M - Th:   9:00 am - 10:00 am & 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Each undergraduate student is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor will assist the student in planning his/her degree program, and answer questions concerning academic policies. The advisor cannot waive prerequisites or policies.

Initially the Director of Undergraduate studies serves as the student’s advisor. The advisor will help the student during the first two years of the program which are identical for all ECE students, both BSEE and BSCPE. The semester before the student enters the third year of the program, he/she will be assigned a new advisor in the student’s area of concentration. This advisor will be able to help the student choose electives and prepare for a career.




Curriculum Flowcharts

In general, students must follow the degree plan and flowchart in effect at the time they were admitted to the department. A student may choose to follow a later degree plan, but not an earlier one.

For more information, the student should check with his or her academic advisor, peruse the ECE Department FAQ or the Computer Engineering FAQ pages, or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Fall 2015
  • Electrical Engineering (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)
Fall 2014
  • Electrical Engineering (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)
Fall 2011 - Summer 2014
  • Electrical Engineering, EE Option (PDF)
  • Electrical Engineering, Computer Option (PDF)
  • Computer Engineering (PDF)
Fall 2006 - Summer 2011
  • Electrical Engineering EE (MSWord)
  • Electrical Engineering Computer (MSWord)
  • Computer Engineering (MSWord)


Prerequisite Changes


Degree Plan Information and Forms

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2013-2014 Catalog and Earlier:

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