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Dr. Ji Chen
Director of Graduate Admissions
E-mail: ece_grad_admit [at] uh [dot] edu

Graduate Admissions
Phone: 713-743-4400
Fax: 713-743-4444
E-mail: ece_grad_admit [at] uh [dot] edu
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Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
N308 Engineering Building 1
Houston, Texas 77004-4005
Phone: 713-743-4400
Fax: 713-743-4444
Department: ece [at] egr [dot] uh [dot] edu
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Current Graduate Students

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Degree Program Requirements

Class Schedule and Registration

Click here to check for current courses offered by the ECE dept as well as the University of Houston.


Graduate advising is mandatory upon admission into the graduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both prior to the first registration and in subsequent semesters. MEE students must make an appointment with the Director of Graduate Studies for advising by contacting the Graduate Admissions Office. The Director shall review the student's records, discuss the future plans of the student, and prepare a preliminary study plan. MS/PhD students must be advised by their thesis/dissertation advisors. The thesis/dissertation advisor should approve all proposed coursework during registration cycles before each academic semester. All approval of coursework must be done by completing the Graduate Academic Advising Form. (Please see Graduate Forms). Failure to complete this form may result in administrative disenrollment in courses not approved. If the student does not have a thesis advisor upon initial enrollment, the Director of Graduate Studies shall advise the student.

If your advisor has a joint appointment, he/she must have ECE research/dissertation hours set up with the Department prior to the registration cycle each semester.  Research and dissertation course numbers are unique to the professor which will supply the numbers.

Enrollment Hours

Click this link to check the minimum number of semester credit hours needed for US/International students.

Early enrollment is highly recommended for all students. Classes fill up quickly and may not be available during the early semester rush.  Department enrollment deadlines as well as the official calendar are posted on the Department web site. General information on supported enrollment hours can be found at the following college website,

Be aware that courses taken for personal enrichment will not be counted towards the degree plan and must be approved by the advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies prior to enrollment.  Enrichment hours cannot be used towards the required total number of hours when an assistantship is being received.

  • Non–supported (US/Int’l.) students must maintain enrollment of at least 3 hours (US) or 9 hours (international) during each Fall/Spring semester. Summer enrollment is not necessary (no special permission is required).
  • Supported (US/Int’l.) students must enroll full time in each semester (i.e., Fall, Summer and Spring).

See details at

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

The purpose of curricular practical training (CPT) is to gain insight to the student's academic program; therefore, it must be considered as "an integral part of an established curriculum." Click on your degree program requirements (MEE, MSEE, or PhD) for more specific guidelines.