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Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
N308 Engineering Building 1
Houston, Texas 77004-4005
Phone: 713-743-4400
Fax: 713-743-4444
Department: ece [at] egr [dot] uh [dot] edu
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Dr. Wei-Chuan Shih

Assistant Professor

N317 Engineering Building 1

Houston, Texas 77204-4005

Tel: 713-743-4454 | Fax: 713-743-4444

Email: wshih [at] uh [dot] edu



  • B.S., National Taiwan University
  • M.S., National Chiao Tung University
  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Experience


Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Primary)/ Biomedical Engineering (Joint)


Schlumberger Postdoctoral Fellow, Schlumberger-Doll Research


Multiple PhD student and postdoc openings: (January, 2013)

Required skills:
One or many of the following: Optics/photonics, optical instrumentation, plasmonics, spectroscopy and/or imaging system design and implementation, laser-based microscopy, FDTD, microfluidics, nanofarication, micro fabrication, biophotonics, biomedical optics, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and image reconstruction, compressed sensing (with hardware experience)


Courses Taught at UH

  • ECE 6342 Digital Signal Processing
  • ECE 6338 Optical and Ultrasonic Imaging
  • ECE 6397 Special Topics: Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy
  • ECE 3337 Electrical Engineering Analysis/ Signals & Systems

Awards and Honors

  • MIT Martin Fellowship for Sustanability, MIT, 2005
  • NSF CAREER Award, NSF, 2012
  • NASA Early Career Faculty Award, NASA, 2012


Research Interests

  • Research Areas:

    Nanobiophotonics: Plasmonics, Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Nanofabrication, Nanofluidics

    Hyperspectral imaging: Raman/SERS microscopy, Two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging, Active/structured illumination microscopy, Compressive sensing imaging, Environmental Sensing.


    N/MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip

  • Plasmonic Engineering:

    • Hierarchical nanoporous gold (HNPG)
    • Label-free DNA biomarker sensing
    • Intracellular sensor network
    • Molecular trapping
    • Photodynamic and photothermal therapy
    • Gene therapy
  • Novel Hyperspectral Imaging: 

    • Active/structured illumination
    • Computational multispectral Infrared imaging
  • Neural Probe for Deep Brain Stimulation and Recording:

    • Flexible Optitrode with integrated optical and electrical channels.
  • Group members:

    PI: Wei-Chuan Shih

    Postdocs: Po Sun, Jinwei Li, Jianbo Zeng, OPENING

    PhD students: Ji Qi, Szu-Te Lin, Jingting Li, Jing Lu, Fusheng Zhao, Pratik Motwani (Co), Mufaddal Gheewala (Co)

    Undergraduates: Cesar Figueroa, Emery Annis, Shivali Narang

Funded Research


Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • J. Qi, P. Motwani, M. Gheewala, C. Brennan, J. C. Wolfe and W.-C. Shih, "Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy with monolithic nanoporous gold disk substrates," Nanoscale (2013).

  • S.-T Lin, J. C. Wolfe, J. A. Dani and W.-C. Shih, "Flexible optitrode for localized light delivery and electrical recording," Optics Letters 37(11):1, 2012.

  • J. Qi and W. -C. Shih, "Parallel Raman Microspectroscopy using Programmable Multi-point Illumination," Optics Letters 37(8): 1289, 2012.

  • J. Qi, P. Motwani, J. C. Wolfe and W. -C. Shih, "High-throughput Raman and Surface-enhanced Raman Microscopy," SPIE Photnics West, Jan. 2012.

  • S. -T. Lin, M. Gheewala, J. C. Wolfe, J. A. Dani, W. -C. Shih, "A flexible optrode for deep brain neurophotonics," 5th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (NER), April 27 2011-May 1 2011.

  • A. B. Andrews, W. -C. Shih, O. C. Mullins, and N. Koyo, “Molecular size determination of coal-derived asphaltene by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy,” Applied Spectroscopy: 65(12): 1348-1356, 2011.

  • W. -C. Shih and A. B. Andrews, "Offshore stand-off oil spill monitoring using passive optical imaging," Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7312 73120V-1, 2009.

  • W. -C. Shih and A. B. Andrews, "Infrared contrast of crude oil covered water surfaces," Optics Letters 33(24): 3019-3021, 2008.

  • W. -C. Shih and A. B. Andrews, "Thermal infrared contrast of native and crude oil covered water surfaces," Optics Express 16(4): 10535-10542, 2008.

  • W. -C. Shih, K. L. Bechtel, and M. S. Feld, "Quantitative Biological Raman Spectroscopy," in Handbook of Optical Sensing of Glucose in Biological Fluids and Tissues, Editor: Valery V. Tuchin (Taylor & Francis 2008) (Invited book chapter).

  • W. -C. Shih, K. L. Bechtel and M. S. Feld, "Intrinsic Raman spectroscopy for quantitative biological spectroscopy Part I: Theory and simulations," Optics Express 16(17): 12726-12736, 2008. (Also selected for publication in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics.)

  • K. L. Bechtel, W. -C. Shih, and M. S. Feld, "Intrinsic Raman spectroscopy for quantitative biological spectroscopy Part II: Experimental applications," Optics Express 16(17): 12737-12745, 2008. (Also selected for publication in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics.)

  • W. -C. Shih, K. L. Bechtel and M. S. Feld, "Constrained regularization: A new method for multivariate calibration," Analytical Chemistry, 79(1): 234-239, 2007.

  • O. R. Scepanovic, K. L. Bechtel, A. S. Haka, W. -C. Shih, T. -W. Koo, and M. S. Feld, "Determination of uncertainty in parameters extracted from single spectroscopic measurements," Journal of Biomedical Optics, 12(6), 064012, 2007.

  • W. -C. Shih, S. -G. Kim, and G. Barbastathis, "High resolution electrostatic analog tunable grating with a single-mask fabrication process," IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 763-769, 2006.

  • A. Enejder, T. Scecina, J. Oh, M. Hunter, W. -C. Shih, S. Sasic, G. Horowitz and M. S. Feld, "Raman spectroscopy for non-invasive glucose measurements," Journal of Biomedical Optics, 10(3), 031114, 2005.

  • W. -C. Shih, C. W. Wong, Y. B. Jeon, S. -G. Kim, and G. Barbastathis, "MEMS tunable gratings with analog actuation," Information Sciences, vol. 149, pp. 31-40, 2003.


  • Major grants:

    NSF CAREER Award 2012

    NASA CAREER Award 2012

    GoMRI-RFPII 2012


  • Multiple positions for PhD Research Assistant and Postdoc (Start immediately)

    Suitable expertise: Optics, photonics, plasmonics, spectroscopy, imaging, FDTD, microfluidics, nanofabrication, microfabrication, biophotonics, biodemical optics.