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Trey Mebane


Email: trey [dot] mebane [at] nov [dot] com
Social Media: LinkedIn

Trey Mebane currently serves as the President of ChasmVisions.

Mebane has focused his 20+ year career in areas of “wealth creation through innovation” for the companies he has served. Mebane did this on multiple occasions. He has created a “Star Trek” chair for drillers, resulting in an industry shift towards the selling of rig equipment in a packaged form, accentuating value versus the traditional piece-meal approach which had equipment competing on price. Mebane’s work also includes the transition of an instrumentation group from a business focused on the manufacture of sensors, to one which includes information systems and process optimization offerings. A business line enhancement which has resulted in the creation of a compelling value proposition for customers at the “C-level”; helping to transition the legacy sensor company from a business focused on rig-to-rig sales, to one focused on enterprise offerings which deliver enhanced business results.

Previusly, Mebane is focused on innovation strategies which leverage his experience base to help establish a culture of innovation for his previous employer NOV through NOV Ventures; a recently conceived and launched executive development program on technology commercialization. The program (in its fourth year) targets the top 1% of NOV’s product development professionals from around the globe, and is executed in partnership with The University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to joining NOV, Mebane spent multiple years as a consultant and invested over six years in a multiple start-up ventures. Mebane’s experience in these areas includes project / process design, talent development, portfolio enhancement, and market management with a focus on creating new value for his customers. While at NOV, Mebane has held various leadership positions for multiple departments, including: Software Development, R&D, Engineering, Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.

Mebane holds a degree in Computer Science from Texas State University where he graduated with honors, and a Masters in Technology Commercialization from The University of Texas at Austin where his work received the George Kozmetsky Award for Academic Excellence and the program’s Outstanding Student Award.

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