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Information for MS Thesis Students

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Thesis Committee

The following policies need to be followed while forming the thesis commitee:

  1. A thesis committee shall consist of at least three members.
  2. At least two members must be regular ECE faculty, i.e., Assistant, Associate or Full Professors with a primary appointment in ECE.
  3. At least one member must be Assistant, Associate or Full Professors, with a primary appointment outside ECE. Joint ECE faculty, joint research faculty, and adjunct faculty will always be counted as members that are outside of ECE.
  4. In all cases, regular ECE faculty must form at least 50% of the committee.
  5. Only regular or joint ECE faculty may serve as the chair of the committee, but Adjunct or Research faculty (at the rank of Associate Professor or higher) who served as the research advisor may be listed as co-chair, upon approval by the Graduate Director. The responsibility that the thesis meets the standards and format required by the ECE Department and the Cullen College of Engineering rests with the chair (and co-chair).

The thesis committee form must be submitted with original signatures from faculty members who will serve on the committee. Follow the degree program guideline for when to complete the form. Follow ECE Dept. calendar for form submission deadline. The form must be approved by the ECE director of graduate studies prior to proceeding with the next step on the road to a degree.

Committee Form

Thesis Proposal

Once the Thesis Committee has been formed and approved, the student should prepare and defend a Thesis Proposal. During this semester, the student must be enrolled in ECE 6399. The Thesis Committee should confirm their approval by signing the Thesis Proposal Form.

The proposal form is for MS candidates who are ready to defend the thesis proposal. The form is submitted in duplicate with committee member signatures to show that the proposal was approved. The form must be accompanied by the proposal and be submitted by the deadline in the dept. calendar for review by the ECE director of graduate studies.

The proposal form MUST NOT be submitted at the same time as the committee form.

Follow the degree program guidelines for when to complete the form. Follow the ECE Dept. calendar deadline for form submission.

Proposal Form

Thesis Defense

The thesis announcement is to let the public know that the student has successfully completed his/her research and that he/she is ready for graduation. The announcement must be distributed to all faculty and students. One additional copy must be submitted to the ECE Dept. for filing.

After the successful defense of the Thesis Proposal, the student may register for ECE 7399. Ideally, the student should enroll in ECE 7399 during the semester in which the thesis is defended and in which the student plans to graduate. The student should adhere to the thesis submission deadlines posted on the Dept. calendar. In case the student does not complete the thesis while enrolled in ECE 7399, (s) he should enroll in research courses (ECE 6x98) in future semesters until the thesis is completed to the satisfaction of the committee.

NOTE: The student may request that the members of the Thesis Committee review and comment on a preliminary version of the thesis. This procedure is encouraged since it should provide the student with ideas on how to improve the quality of the thesis and should also facilitate its acceptance. The student is required to present the final draft of the thesis to the members of the committee no later than two weeks prior to the date of the thesis defense. The student should be aware that he/she may be required to make substantial changes, before and after the defense, in the thesis in order to satisfy the requirements of the committee.

Announcement Form

Preparation for Thesis Writing

It is important for students to follow the current guidelines written by the College of Engineering while preparing thesis for submission to avoid delays in approval of thesis. The college website contains official guidelines for students to follow. Visit the college website for more information.

Thesis Submission

Upon successful defense of the thesis/dissertation, and once all signatures of the committee members have been obtained, the student must submit one copy of the thesis/dissertation to the Director of Graduate Studies for review. A thesis/dissertation submission form and this copy,, together with the correct number of signature pages, must be submitted to the ECE front desk before the deadline stated in the Dept. calendar. The student may submit, simultaneously, a copy of the thesis/dissertation to the Dean's Office for review. Follow the format given by the Dean's Office to create the thesis/dissertation: Thesis Guide. See the Signature Page (below) for the required signatures.

Thesis Submission for Review Form

ECE Dept. Chair's Signature

Once the thesis has been approved by the director of graduate studies, thesis and official signature pages will be submitted to the chairman for his signature. The student will be notified by staff for pick up. Dept. process for thesis submission is now complete. Students must now submit the dept. approved thesis submission form with appropriate documents to the Dean's office for review.

Signature Page Example

Thesis Submission for Binding

The college website provides instructions on how to submit the thesis once the dean's office has given approval for binding. Once the student is at this stage, he/she must submit a copy of the thesis binding agreement received from the Dean's office to the ECE dept. so that appropriate letter grade(s) can be awarded. Visit the college website for more information.

Update on Appointment of Thesis Committee Member(s) Form

The update committee form must be used in the event that some members of the previously approved committee have been replaced.

Update committee form