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Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE) Program — Industrial Power Systems

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To meet the requirements for the MEE-Industrial Power Systems specialization area, 18 hours (6 courses) should be selected from the following list:

ECE 6368

Industrial Power System Analysis
Prerequisite: graduate standing. Industrial power system architecture and composition; voltage classes; voltage unbalance and deviation, and effects on equipment; power flow; voltage control and power factor improvement; fault analysis; control equipment for motors and generators; motor starting.

ECE 6369 Electrical Power Regulations and Standards
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Regulations and practices for design, maintenance requirements, and special equipment; National Electric Code applied in the industrial environment; standards and norms for induction and synchronous motor, generators, transformers, cables, swicthgears and breakers; domestic and international standards for equipment and systems; state professional registration (not for Ph.D. credit).
ECE 6377 Power Transmission and Distribution
Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Power transmission and distribution network architecture and composition; load curves; symmetrical components; parameters and equivalent circuits in symmetrical components for overhead and underground lines, transformers, generators and loads; substations; industrial networks; network steady-state analysis; faults; protection systems; switching equipment; voltage and power static control; surge voltages and protection. A term project will be required.
ECE 6378 Power System Analysis
Prerequisite: ECE 4363 or equivalent. Power system architecture and composition; network matrices; power flow; economic operation; voltage and frequency control; fault analysis; voltage and angle stability. A term project will be required.

ECE 6379

Advanced Power System Analysis
Prerequisite: ECE 6378. Power network static control equipment modelling and operation; bus ordering; storage of sparse matrices; optimization methods and optimal power flow; unit commitment and contingency analysis; wave transients; state estimation; voltage stability; deregulation.

ECE 6380 Power Electronics and Electric Drives
Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Power electronics; power semiconductor switches; converters and inverters; DC, induction and synchronous motor drives; industrial applications; harmonics and filtering.
ECE 6381 Industrial Substations and Switching Equipment
Prerequisite: ECE 6368 or 6378. Industrial substation configuration and composition; cable and busway system design, installation, protection and testing; switching apparatus fundamentals, types, design, operation, protection; substation planning, design, construction, automation, operation (not for Ph.D. credit).
ECE 6386 Power System Transients, Harmonics and Grounding
Prerequisites: ECE 6368 or 6378. Switching transients and overvoltages; cause, effects, modeling, measurement; capacitor switching; harmonics: sourcers, characteristics, effects, filters; surge nature, insulation characteristics; system neutrals; arresters, grounding, static lightning protection; insulation coordination.
ECE 7337 Industrial Power System Protection
Prerequisite: ECE 6368. Protection tasks, requirements, principles, components; instrument transformers; protective systems: transformers, feeders, generator, motors prime-movers, buses, switchgears, cables, transfer devices, busways, UPS, service supply lines and utility interties protection schemes; components, operation, faults, testing, maintenance, calibration.
ECE 7381 Power System Control and Stability
Prerequisite: ECE 6378. Development of physically-based dynamic models for synchronous machines, boilers, turbines, governors, and loads; excitation systems; the automatic generation control problem; system stability studies; interconnected system operation.
ECE 6389 Industrial Power System Management
Prerequisite: ECE 6368 or 6378. Planning: scope, requirements, component cost, cost estimation; reliability: fundamentals, equipment data, probability methods; interruption cost and economic analysis; maintenance, preventive measures; emergency and standby power, supply and stored energy systems; energy and load management, energy saving, conservation, cogeneration (not for Ph.D. credit).
ECE 6395 Industrial Power Monitoring and Control
Prerequisites: ECE 6368 or 6378. Monitoring and control system architecture, design options, modes of communication, equipment and installation cost; multifunctional microprocessor based systems; control integration, monitoring and protection systems (not for Ph.D. credit).


To meet the other requirements of the MEE degree, an additional six to nine hours can be chosen from the above list, or from the following list of recommended ECE courses:

ECE 6310

Robotics: Models, Controls and Sensors

ECE 6320 Knowledge-Based Systems in Electrical Engineering
ECE 6331 Advanced Telecommunications
ECE 6335 Digital Control Systems

ECE 6336

Advanced Microprocessor Systems

ECE 6340 Intermediate Electromagnetic Waves
ECE 6382 Engineering Analysis 1
ECE 6385 Analog Input/Output Design