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Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE) Program — Industrial Power Systems

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Description of the Program

The Industrial Power Systems is a graduate level program, providing advanced and specialized training of industrial power systems engineers, who are typically working in an environment that recently experienced the need for a tremendous increase in breadth and depth of knowledge.

The program was developed at the industry request, and with a significant participation of prominent electrical industry representatives from the Houston area. The program covers the most needed topics for industry, and also takes the advantage of Houston's recognized international leadership in industrial power systems design. The specific courses in this program are offered as evening classes, and are taught by instructors with significant industrial experience.

It is also noted that the MEE program can be counted as one year's experience towards registration as a Professional Engineer. Also, for those who do not wish to pursue the MEE degree, the classes can be taken as a Post Baccalaureate (PB) student. Note that the present and the future industry need for the power systems specialization is extremely high.

Admission Requirements, Graduate Advising, and Other Requirements and Regulations

For these issues, see details on the "Admission Requirements for the MEE Program", "Graduate Advising", and "Other Requirements and Regulations" sections of the department's "Program of Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE)" flyer.

General Course and Program Requirements

Details about the course and program requirements are shown on the section "General Course and Program Requirements" of the department's "Program of Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE)" flyer.

To meet the requirements for the MEE-Industrial Power Systems specialization, eighteen hours (6 courses) should be selected from specific and other power-engineering courses.

Courses specific to the MEE-IPS program area:

  • ECE 6368 Industrial Power System Analysis
  • ECE 6369 Electrical Power Regulations and Standards
  • ECE 6381 Industrial Substations and Switching Equipment
  • ECE 6386 Power System Transients, Harmonics and Grounding
  • ECE 7337 Industrial Power System Protection

Combined with one of the following two courses:

  • ECE 6389 Industrial Power System Management
  • ECE 6395 Industrial Power Monitoring and Control

Other graduate ECE power-engineering courses are:

  • ECE 6377/5377 Power Transmission and Distribution (+ Lab ECE5127)
  • ECE 6378 Power System Analysis
  • ECE 6379 Advanced Power System Analysis
  • ECE 6380/5380 Power Electronics and Electric Drives
  • ECE 7381 Power System Control and Stability

To meet the other requirements of the MEE degree, an additional six to nine hours can be chosen from the above list and the following list of recommended ECE courses:

  • ECE 6310 Robotics: Models, Controls, and Sensors
  • ECE 6320 Knowledge-Based Systems in Electrical Engineering
  • ECE 6331/5371 Advanced Telecommunications
  • ECE 6335 Digital Control Systems
  • ECE 6336/5436 Advanced Microprocessor Systems
  • ECE 6340 Intermediate Electromagnetic Waves
  • ECE 6382 Engineering Analysis I
  • ECE 6385 Analog Input/Output Design

For the Course Outline of the above courses, click here or check the University of Houston Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog.