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Dr. Ji Chen
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Graduate Admissions
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E-mail: ece_grad_admit [at] uh [dot] edu
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Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Phone: 713-743-4400
Fax: 713-743-4444
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General Academic Information for All Students

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Academic Honesty

Students are to maintain and encourage high ethical standard practices among peers and with the general public by observing all accepted principles of academic honesty. However, when case(s) of academic dishonesty occur, the dept. will enforce the academic honesty guidelines that are written by the university. Academic honesty policy and procedural information are available in the student's handbook and on the web site.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

This average is on all courses attempted at the university during the graduate program. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in order to remain in good academic standing for the graduate program. An academic stop will be placed on the student record when he/she fails to maintain this average. The student will receive an academic letter from the department each semester until GPA has reached the desired average. At that time, he/she must seek advisor's assistance on the removal process of this stop for future enrollment.

Leave of Absence

Students must request a leave of absence from the graduate program when enrollment is not possible for a given semester by submitting a general petition to the Graduate Admissions Office to maintain good academic status. Once a decision has been made by the Director of Graduate Studies, an academic stop will be placed on record for future enrollment.


A general petition is once again needed for reinstatement to the graduate program. In addition to the general petition, students must include a degree plan with all courses taken and an advising form indicating which courses the student intends to enroll during the semester for which reinstatement is sought. Such requests must be filed according to the graduate admission deadline for new students to avoid delay in preferred enrollment for the returning semester. Student can only enroll when an approved petition has been received.

Time Limitation on Courses

A Master's degree seeking student must complete the program within five years of the date of enrollment at the University of Houston. In the event that the student could not complete the program, he/she must submit a general petition requesting an exception to this rule. Student must attach an outline of expired course(s), a date expected for graduation, and a current degree plan along with the general petition to the ECE dept. for review. For more information, please refer to the college website.

Withdrawal from Program

Due to circumstances that cause a student not to be able to continue with the designated degree program, he/she should submit a general petition requesting the file to be closed. Student will need to reapply by following the procedures for new applicants in order to be considered for admission. This process is not recommended for students who have the intention of returning to the dept. at a later time.

Change of Major

The student may transfer up to 6 hours of graduate-level work completed elsewhere to the study program at the University of Houston upon the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Six hours of graduate-level work completed while the student has been a Post-Baccalaureate (PB) student at the University of Houston can also be transferred upon the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Courses in Technology programs cannot be transferred.

Graduation Application

Graduation is not automatic. The student must be enrolled at the time of filing for a graduation application. The student is required to officially apply on- line at, and submit the degree plan in addition to official documents to the ECE Dept. according to Dept. deadline stated on the calendar. If the student discovers that (s)he will not be able to graduate during the previously indicated semester, the student must first send an email to the graduate office as soon as possible to revoke the graduation process. The student must then reapply for graduation in a future semester. All updated forms and degree plan will need to be submitted.

4-C Rule

"A student who receives a grade of C+ or lower in 12 semester hours of credit attempt at this institution for graduate credit or for application toward the graduate degree, whether or not in repeated courses, is ineligible for any advanced degree at this institution and will not be permitted to re-enroll for graduate study." For more information, please refer to