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NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships 2014

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NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships 2014

Call for Fellowship Applications!

Learn, collaborate, discover, achieve…

The NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate seeks to sponsor graduate student researchers pursuing or planning to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in relevant space technology disciplines who show significant potential to contribute to the strategic goals and missions of NASA in the area of space technology.

The fellowship, up to $68,000 per year, will coincide with the start of the fall 2014 term. In addition to providing a $36,000 annual stipend, the fellowship provides support for tuition, health insurance and the faculty advisor. The fellowship also provides support for onsite tenure at NASA Centers and non-profit Research and Development labs across the country.

To date, NASA has awarded these prestigious fellowships to 193 students from 68 universities across 33 states and one U.S. territory. Fellowship recipients will collaborate with the Nation’s leading experts in space technology to advance the Nation’s technological achievements and contribute to its innovation economy.

The solicitation will open on September 18, 2013

Student applications will be due by 6:00 p.m. ET on November 13, 2013

Applications will be accepted via NSPIRES after September 18, 2013: