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Graduate Students — Academic Forms

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Graduate Academic Advising

An academic advising form is a document that serves as an agreement between student and advisor on courses to be taken for the designated semester. This form is an official document that will be used for enrollment audit and assistantship eligibility. All current and newly-admitted students must complete an advising form in order to remain enrolled in courses. The advising form must reflect courses students add or drop during the indicated semester. The form must be signed by both student and advisor, and submitted by the ECE Dept. deadline

Academic Stop Clearance

The academic stop clearance form is used when students have received a grade of less than a B- and/or the Grade Point Average (GPA) has dropped below 3.0. Students will receive a letter from the ECE Dept. indicating the reason for the stop and advising students to seek assistance from appropriate faculty member(s). The form can only be obtained from involved faculty members and will not be given to students.

Degree Plans

The degree Plan lists the courses the student has completed, is currently taking or intend to complete for a degree objective. MEE students must have a degree plan on file by the end of the 2nd semester. All students are required to complete a degree plan when applying for graduation.

General Petition

A general petition is needed to request an exception to dept, college, and University guidelines. Follow dept. guidelines for submission as indicate on the calendar.

Termination Clearance

For clearance from the university, download a Termination clearance form.

Job Verification

Students who are receiving support outside of the ECE Dept. must submit an employment verification by the due date to determine eligibility each semester. No exceptions are allowed. The enrolling dept. will determine your final eligibility of support.

Note:  The employment verification may be called to be completed by inside ECE support students when the Department has not received any supported information from advisors.

Students working in a graduate job title will have a GA form initiated by the enrolling Department once a job verification form is submitted.  This link provided ( is for students to review the University requirements that must be satisfied as a working student.  Please do not download the GA form and complete without prior consent of the enrolling department.