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Dr. Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik

Associate Professor

N 308 Engineering Building 1

Houston, Texas 77204-4005

Tel: 713-743-4427 | Fax: 713-743-4444

Email: wwosik [at] uh [dot] edu


  • MS, Warsaw University of Technology, Electronics Department, Warsaw, Poland
  • PhD, Warsaw University of Technology, Electronics Department, Warsaw, Poland

Professional Experience

Until 1986

The Institute of Electron Technology CEMI (Research and Development Center for Semiconductors)


Joined UH Cullen College of Engineering as a visiting professor, now an associate professor

Awards and Honors


Research Interests

  • Microelectronics: Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Processing Technology and Electron Devices, Micro- and Nonoelectromechnical Systems (MEMS/NEMS), and BioMEMS for Biological Samples at Cellular/Subcellular Levels and Nanoparticles.


Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • C Darne, L Xie, W Zagozdzon-Wosik, H K. Schmidt, and J Wosik, Microwave properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes films below percolation threshold , Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 233112, 2009

  • D. Padmaraj, W. Zagozdzon-Wosik, L-M Xie, V. G. Hadjiev, P. Cherukuri and J. Wosik, Parallel and orthogonal E-field alignment of single-walled carbon nanotubes by ac dielectrophoresis, Nanotechnology, 20, 035201, 2009

  • D. Padmaraj, W. Zagozdzon-Wosik, R. Pande, J.H. Miller, L-M Xie, J. Wosik, "Dielectrophoresis and Comsol Simulation of Cell Entrapment At Electrodes", Nanotechnology 2009, vol.1, pp. 460 - 463, ISBN: 978-1-4398-1782-7, 2009

  • D. Padmaraj, W. Zagozdzon-Wosik, Lei-Ming Xie, D. Pijanowka, J.H. Miller, P. Grabiec, J. Wosik, BioMEMS for Mitochondria Medicine, Nanotechnology 2009, vol.1 , pp. 464 - 467, ISBN: 978-1-4398-1782-7, 2009

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